CREATIVE REUSE: How To Upcycle Your Skincare Jars

By Brielle Pierce

CREATIVE REUSE: How To Upcycle Your Skincare Jars

  • How to properly clean product containers
  • Recycling the product containers
  • Upcycling the product containers


To properly clean your skincare container, first make sure you don't leave any product behind. After you've used all that you could, wash the container with soap and warm water. After you've washed the jar, you can either toss it in your recycling bin or choose to upcycle...


Upcycling (or Creative Reuse) is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products perceived to be of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value


Here are some amazing ways to upcycle your skin care containers:

    • Planters: Our 4 ounce THICC BODY CREAM containers are the perfect size for miniature planters, great for plants like succulents. Be sure to drill some holes in the bottom of the jar to give a water passage.
    • Jewelry Travel Jar: This is a great, compact way to store your rings and small-to-medium sized earrings when on the go. The sturdy build of the container protects your jewelry from being damaged and gives enough room to fit many accessory options. *Not recommended for necklaces, anklets, or delicate bracelets. Unless, of course, you are supreme at detangling jewelry!
    • Secret Stash: We all have a secret stash of something. Here is your new hiding place!
    • DIY Catch All Dish: Lids can be a little more difficult to upcycle due to their size, but don't let that deter you from transforming those too. Our lids make great catch all dishes for jewelry, hair ties and pins, and any small items you want in a controlled area. (For me, it's earring butterfly backs! I'm always dropping and losing them.)
    • Toiletry Storage & Travel: Cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup sponges, bandages... shall I go on?
    • Travel Candy Jar: No more searching for old candy or mints stuck in the bottom of your bag. 
    • Phone Chargers: Why is a phone charger the first item you take out of your bag when looking for something? It seems to always get in the way. With this jar reigning as your premiere phone charger container, you save on time and space. This container can fit TWO phone chargers (including docks).

    Get creative! Reduce waste! Save the Planet!
    Be sure tag us to show us and our community how you upcycle your 3.33 BODY product containers!