Below is the foreword from my 3.33 BODY business plan I wrote in June 2020. When I began writing this About page, I felt I couldn't find the perfect words to explain the 3.33 BODY brand and why I created it. Looking to my business plan for inspiration, I realized that I wrote this foreword at a pivotal time in my life. Every word written incited me to build this platform to uplift and celebrate Black people and our complexities. 


About - 3.33 BODY


3.33 BODY is more than skincare. This brand is about embracing our true selves despite the pressure we feel to conform. This brand is about healing and nurturing what matters most and what brings us joy. Black beauty is the message.

Join me on this 3.33 BODY journey to restructuring the beauty industry!

Brielle Marie, CEO & Founder


Nourish Your BODY | Free Your MIND | Heal Your SPIRIT 

3.33 BODY